Botanic Gardens Conservation International
BGCI provides a global voice for all botanic gardens, championing and celebrating their inspiring work. We are the world's largest plant conservation network, open to all. Join us in helping to save the world's threatened plants.

Get Involved

Everyone around the world is learning more and more about the importance of plants to human wellbeing and a sustainable future, and botanic gardens are at the epicentre of these changes. 200 million people visit gardens worldwide every year. And of course, gardens are centres for pleasure and relaxation - so you can support plants whilst enjoying yourself.


Have a Day Out

Garden SearchYou can show support by simply visiting a botanic garden. Visitors are proof that gardens are popular and play an important role in society - so everyone who walks through the gates is a vote for plants and gardens. And if there is an entry fee, you know that it is going to support the garden's vital work. Use our garden search to locate gardens when you are travelling or in your own area.


Make a Donation

You can help us conserve threatened plants by making a donation to BGCI. No matter what size donation, your contribution can make a real difference to the wellbeing of people and the planet.


Get Active

You can donate your time to work as a volunteer, picking up skills and enjoying yourself while you are doing it! Or you can work for a botanic garden, and get paid! All kinds of skills are needed in gardens, from accounting to zoology, so don't rule out the possibility of a career change.


Discover Something New

You can learn something new about plants, then tell your friends about what you have learnt. Or get a qualification, go to a congress, or play games to educate yourself about conservation. And remember the importance of knowledge handed down the generations - go and spend time with your parents and grandparents, learn from them about plants and care.


Go Shopping

Shopping at a garden is a way to support your local garden too. So when it comes to gift time, remember you may get something original and support plant conservation in the process. Find a garden near you...

When you shop for garden products, remember to check the origin of your plants, and the effects they and any products you use may have on your local environment. Beware of introducing invasive species or buying wild-collected seed. Find out more about responsible gardening


Grow Your Own Garden

Its becoming more and more important to keep green areas, especially in cities, so cultivate plants yourself - for food, home remedies,or pure pleasure. It's easier than you might think and can be very rewarding. The knowledge of how to use and care for plants is almost as important to humanity as the plants themselves. So talk to your grandmother and keep the culture alive. Remember to always check that you are growing suitable species - local, native plants, sourced responsibly. Learn more... or read the Plant Conservation Checklist for Gardeners