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CITES Manual for Botanic Gardens: Second Edition

A CITES manual for botanic gardensThis revised and updated BGCI CITES Manual, available in English, Spanish, Italian reflects the evolution of CITES itself since 1994, when this pamphlet was first published.

It brings up-to-date the original CITES Manual compiled by John Akeroyd, Noel McGough and Peter Wyse Jackson in 1994.

Greater understanding of how plants are used commercially, both in rural populations and in large international trade, has pushed the CITES into new territory.

This revised edition features the following chapters:

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Outline of CITES
  • CITES procedures
  • The contribution of botanic gardens to the implementation of CITES
  • A CITES checklist for botanic gardens
  • References and resources
  • Glossary


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Publication Details

BGCI would like to thank the CITES Secretariat and the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for providing funding for the publication of this manual.

A CITES manual for botanic gardens: Second edition

Compiled by:
Sara Oldfield and Noel McGough

Recommended citation: Oldfield S. and McGough N. (Comp.), 2007. A CITES manual for botanic gardens. Second edition. Botanic Gardens Conservation International, Richmond, United Kingdom

ISBN: 1-905164-19-X