Botanic Gardens Conservation International
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Criteria for IPEN Membership and Registration

Membership of IPEN is possible when the following criteria are met:

  1. The institution applying for membership is a botanic garden according to the definition of a botanic garden by BGCI.
  2. The botanic garden has to be a legal entity or part of a larger legal entity. That means that it is not possible to include private gardens or private individuals.
  3. Within IPEN, no commercial use of the plants is allowed.
  4. The botanic garden has to sign the IPEN Code of Conduct (see below) and thereby to commit itself to work according to the IPEN requirements.
  5. A computer based documentation system is necessary to fulfil the documentation requirements of IPEN.

How to Become an IPEN Member

Any individual botanic garden that wants to become member of IPEN has to take the following steps:

  1. Read the IPEN code of conduct
  2. Send a written declaration to BGCI that it complies with the IPEN code of Conduct: Download registration form
  3. BGCI will ask the respective National Node (see Organisation behind IPEN), if the application of membership can be accepted. The National Node decides whether the applicant garden fulfils the IPEN criteria. According to the decision of the respective National Node and after consulting the IPEN task force (see Organisation behind IPEN), BGCI will add the names of accepted gardens to the list of IPEN members and make the list available via internet. After 5 years, the procedure of adoption must be renewed.
  4. You will be informed about the acceptance of membership by BGCI or an IPEN task force member.
  5. Now you have to implement the IPEN Code of Conduct: Most important is the introduction of IPEN numbers (see documentation and IPEN numbers) into your documentation system.