GSPC workshop held in Singapore

4 April 2013

In 2010, the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) adopted an updated Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC).  At the same time, the Parties agreed that the implementation of the GSPC should be carried out in-line with the implementation of the CBD’s Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and requested that regional capacity building workshops on the GSPC should be organised.

In response to this, and with generous support from the Government of Japan, the CBD Secretariat, in collaboration with BGCI and the Singapore Botanic Gardens organized a workshop to build capacity and share experiences in GSPC implementation in the framework of the CBD’s Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 in Southeast Asia.

The workshop was held from 4-8 March and included representatives from 11 countries in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam).

The aims of the workshop were to:

*  Build understanding of how the implementation of the GSPC contributes to the achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets;

*   Identify ways and means to raise awareness of the GSPC at the national level

*   Identify relevant GSPC stakeholders at the national and regional level;

*    Share information about ongoing activities that contribute to GSPC implementation in Southeast Asia;

*  Introduce the GSPC toolkit and identify resources to be included in the toolkit;

*  Identify capacity-building needs relevant to the GSPC and consider how these might be filled;

*  Review biodiversity indicators and assess their potential for monitoring progress owards he targets of the GSPC.

A full report of the workshop can be downloaded by clicking here.

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