Celebration Stories in China

Plant Conservation Day was discussed at the Global Botanic Garden congress in Wuhan, China in 2007.  Click here for more information.


In 2009, Beijing Botanical Garden held a day-long Plant Conservation Day event on May 18th.  This event included students from the Siwangfu Primary School, volunteers from Boeing China, officers and experts from Beijing Botanical Garden, officers from BGCI and the local media.  It featured an exhibition of the rare orchid, Cypripedium micranthum, and a lecture by Ms. Zhang Yu, head of orchid conservation, on the conservation of this orchid to ensure its survial into the next generation.  Students were involved in artwork activities, and all present signed a board showing their support of plant conservation and, after receiving a tour of the botanic garden, took part in planting flowers in their Butterfly Garden. Follow this link for more information (currently only in Chinese).