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Safety Nets for Medicinal Plants


One of the priority actions of BGCI's 5 year plan (2013 – 2018) is to assess the conservation status of medicinal plants to inform prioritised conservation efforts. To do this we will work with the IUCN/SSC Medicinal Plant Specialist Group and botanic gardens around the world.


Botanic gardens support the conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants in the following ways:  

  • Working with communities to document and use indigenous knowledge
  • Educating on the value and uses of sustainably harvested medicinal plants
  • Collecting and developing gene pools of wild stock plants
  • Research to discover and investigate medicinal plant properties
  • Using collections to support local initiatives in primary healthcare, particularly in developing countries
  • Using collections to support screening programmes for pharmaceutical companies, in accordance with guidelines on access and benefit sharing, and to assay the value and safety of particular medicines
  • Improving the agronomy of cultivated medicinal plants
  • Cultivating medicinal plants, to tackle unsustainable harvest and improve ease of harvest
  • Practice of horticultural therapy, using plants and gardening to treat mental and physical disorders
  • Educating end consumers and supporting standard setting for medicinal plant production