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Case Studies

Please browse our case studies on how botanic gardens are improving human well-being through the use of biodiversity. Also visit our list of selected journal articles, on the right.


Geneva's Links With Community Medicine in Paraguay

Home Gardens in Ghana

Working to Meet Local Healthcare Needs in South Africa

Botanical Benefits in the Philippines

Malawi's Cultivation of Aphrodisiac

The Pragya Project on Conserving the Herbal Wealth of the Himalayas



Rural Resource Management In Peru

Rural Home Gardens near Lucknow, India

Promoting Nutritional Self-Sufficiency in Cuba

Vegetable Diversity in Mexico City

Edible Caterpillars in the Bas Congo


Financial Poverty Alleviation

Handicrafts and Earth Botanic Garden

Multiple Projects Improving Livelihoods at Limbe

Helping Farmers in Malabar

Project "Watu na Msitu" - Tanzania's Links with Italy

Cultivating Useful Plants in Uganda

The Andean Project, Chile


Community and Social Benefits

Bronx Green Up (BGU)

Future Plans: Rehabilitation in Dartmoor Prison

Young Mums Art & Poetry Workshop, Cambridge

Training for Useful Skills in Jerusalem



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