Botanic Gardens Conservation International
BGCI provides a global voice for all botanic gardens, championing and celebrating their inspiring work. We are the world's largest plant conservation network, open to all. Join us in helping to save the world's threatened plants.

Finding Natural Solutions

Plants provide food, medicine, clothes, shelter and the raw materials from which innumerable other products are made. Thus plants are an essential resource for human existence. Their very importance to human well-being is putting many species are at risk, as levels of consumption rise, and there is a increase in greenhouse gas conentrations above normal levels.

BGCI's work is focused on three areas:

  • Medicinal Plants These plants have properties which can be used to treat sickness. Read about our work
  • Human Well-Being This is similar to the concept of 'reducing poverty and improving lives'.  It is a phrase used in many existing policies and international conventions related to both biodiversity conservation and human development. Read more
  • Livelihoods Linking community groups with botanic gardens for trading and to promote the use of indigenous plants for healthy eating. Read more about our work on Livelihoods.