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 red list of oaks

The Red List of Oaks

The Red List of Oaks identifies 78 wild oaks in danger of extinction and raises concern over the lack of data for over 300 species.



 quercus acerifolia

The global survey of oaks: background and method

Based on the information in the Red List, we undertook a survey of globally threatened Quercus taxa.



 global survey 

The global survey of ex situ Oak collections: results

The results of the global survey of threatened oaks shows that more than half of the Critically Endangered or Endangered taxa are currently not known to cultivation.





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Global Trees Campaign
The Global Trees Campaign was established seven years ago to save the world's most extremely threatened trees and the habitats where they grow. Many of these trees are down to just a few individuals surviving. There are ways for everyone to get involved. Learn more on the GTC website.