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Is Trade Threatening These Plants? Your Help Wanted

25 January 2007

The 14th CITES Conference of the Parties will be held in The Hague (Netherlands), on 3-15 June 2007. BGCI is attending and is taking part in a review of the status of some plant species. We need your help in making the assessment as accurate as possible so if you have information on any of these species please get in touch right away.

Proposals for the amendment of CITES Appendices I and II for plants are as follows:
Cedrela spp.

Cedrela odorata open seed pod. This Cedar species has a
long history of over-exploitation for its valuable timber.
Image © Area de Conservacion Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Agave arizonica - Deletion from Appendix I

Bulnesia saramientoi - Inclusion in Appendix II

Caesalpinia echinata - Inclusion in Appendix II

Cedrela spp. - Inclusion in Appendix II

Dalbergia retusa and D. granadillo - Inclusion in Appendix II

Dalbergia stevensonii - Inclusion in Appendix II

Nolina interrata - Transfer from Appendix I to Appendix II

Pereskiopsia spp. - Deletion from Appendix II

Pereskia spp. and Quiabentia spp. - Delisting from Appendix II

Shortia galacifolia - Deletion from Appendix II

BGCI is involved in the reviews of these proposals and welcomes any comments or information about the status of the species in question, both in the wild and in cultivation and trade.

If you have relevant information and would like to contribute to the review please get in touch as soon as possible with Belinda Hawkins at BGCI ( Comments must be received by 14th February 2007.

Further information on the proposals can be found on the CITES website at:

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