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Magnolias: Bloom or Doom? - Media Kit

Magnolias may be blooming in Britain’s gardens this spring, but in the wild it’s an altogether different story. Over half the world’s magnolia species are facing extinction in their native forest habitats, according to an authoritative new report from BGCI and Fauna and Flora Iinternational.

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Dr Georgina Magin of FFI says, "We have successfully started the process of restoring Magnolia species in Yunnan - as we learn from these pilot studies we can scale-up our actions and extend them to other parts of the world working with the local communities whose lives are impacted by deforestation."

As the report notes: "Various other initiatives are underway to conserve Chinese Magnoliaceae, through the work of universities, botanic gardens and Government agencies. Coordination of efforts is clearly important. This will be enhanced by the forthcoming publication of China’s Strategy for Plant Conservation which is being prepared by the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA); State Forestry Administration (SFA) and the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS)."

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