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Where to see Magnolias in the UK and Beyond

The gardens on this page have reported notable collections of Magnoliaceae.

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See a global list of botanic gardens with Magnoliaceae collections on the BGCI GardenSearch

Seeing Magnolias in the UK

The following gardens have Magnolia collections. With thanks to PlantNetwork for supplying contacts and information. You can read more about these gardens on the PlantNetwork website.

Red List of the Magnoliaceae

The Red List of the Magnoliaceae, published jointly by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) and Fauna & Flora International (FFI), through the Global Trees Campaign (GTC), identifies 131 wild magnolias as being in danger of extinction, from a global total of 245 species.


Conserving Threatened Magnolia Species


Some Threatened Magnolias

Over half the world’s magnolia species are close to extinction in the wild, says a new report from BGCI and Fauna and Flora International. We've gathered notes on some of the most threatened species.



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Conservation Checklist for Gardeners
An estimated 100,000 of the world's plants are in danger of extinction. As a gardener, you can play an active role in saving threatened plants. Check out the Plant Conservation Checklist for Gardeners to see how you can make a difference in saving the planet’s most important resource.

PlantNetwork, is the Britain and Ireland network of botanic gardens, arboreta and other documented plant collections. Acitivites include promoting botanical collections in Britain and Ireland as a national resource for research, conservation and education.

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