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Global assessment of plant conservation on oceanic islands (December 2010 - February 2011)

This questionnaire is an initiative of the recently established Global Island Plant Conservation Network (GIPCN, it's compiled by Christian Torres-Santana, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

The objective of the questionnaire is to rapidly assess the status of plant conservation on as many oceanic islands as possible. We have three main aims:

  1. to gain a more accurate understanding of the threat status of native plants on oceanic islands so as to be in a better position for communicating that the conservation of island plant diversity is an immediate international conservation priority;
  2. to identify major conservation and research gaps on a global scale;
  3. to identify priority management issues and techniques and to foster learning and exchange of good practice examples amongst the global oceanic island plant conservationists community.

[We apologize that this questionnaire is available only in English. You may respond to the questionnaire in English, French, Spanish or German]. Please complete and return the questionnaire by 28 February 2011.

Further questions should be directed to Christian Torres-Santana, University of Hawaii at Manoa (email:

View the questionnaire (Word document)

Please return the completed questionaire to Christian Torres-Santana (email: Thank-you.