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BGCI's China programme

China is a key region for BGCI's conservation work and we have a regional office there, based at South China Botanic Garden.

china office launchdipteronia seedsM.lonipedunculatabretchneidera seeds

BGCI’s work in China supports The China Strategy for Plant Conservation (CSPC), a national response to the GSPC that we helped to develop. In 2012, a review of progress in implementing the CSPC was carried out. Find out more about the review here or download a copy of the report.

Working with botanic gardens and other partners we are undertaking an ambitious project to save a range of endangered tree species from extinction and restore native habitats.

Species conservation 

Species include Magnolias such as Magnolia angustioblonga, M. ingrata,  M. hebecarpa, and M. longipedunculata and the rare species Davidia involucrata and Pseudotaxus chienii

Our surveys found just 11 mature M. longipedunculata individuals in the wild and none in cultivation. 

Partnering with botanic gardens and research institutes we have undertaken propagation of these species . We've also been talking to local and national authorities and communities to identify potential for reintroduction and conservation measures in situ.

Read more about our species conservation programmes here.  

Habitat conservation

Other projects in China include supporting community conservation at Zi-ben-shan - a once mega-diverse mountain region that has been hugely degraded by logging, large-scale medicinal and ornamental plant collection, mining and agricultural cropping. We are facilitating the documentation of the woody flora of the area and planning for the development of a  provincial forest park.

In partnership wth Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, we are working to develop a model for restoration of tropical rain forest on limestone in Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve -  an area dramatically affected by the planting of rubber plantations. We are also carryinhg out a study on the impact of large native tree transplantation from the wild into urban spaces for amenity planting in partnership with the Hubei University for Nationalities, Enshi.

Read more about our habitat-based conservation projects here.

Medicinal plant conservation

Local communities in Xinshao county in central Hunan have a long tradition of collection and cultivation of local crop varieties and medicinal plants that grow in association with the paddy fields in the low-lands, slope-farming lands and forested hills and mountains. Most significantly over the past 30 years, various landraces and medicinal plant species have disappeared from the region as a result of new agricultural techniques promoting rice monocultures. This project aims to promote the reintroduction and sustainable use of a number of species of medicinal importance, including the threatened Magnolia officinalis and Dysosma versipellis.

Read more about our medicinal plant conservation  work in China here

Visit our China programme website here (In Chinese).

Download a brochure about BGCI's plant conservation programme in China here(6mb)

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