Botanic Gardens Conservation International
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Conservation of Threatened Plants ex situ

Conservation of plants “ex situ” means conserving plants outside their natural environment – for example in seed banks or in the living collections of botanic gardens.

Our aim is to ensure that 50% of globally threatened plants are conserved by 2010.

  • So far, we have identified over 15,000 threatened species in botanic garden collections through our unique database - PlantSearch.
  • One constraint to achieving our goal is the lack of information on which plants are under threat. To address this we are working on Red Lists for a number of species – including Magnolias, Oaks, Acers and Rhododendrons. We plan to extend this work to include Ebonies in the near future. We are helping to train local scientists in the Red Listing procedure to further accelerate this work.
  • We are also supporting botanic gardens in their efforts to develop ex situ conservation programmes for locally threatened species through projects in China, Russia, Burma and Jordan.