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Reverse the Loss of Key Plant Species

BGCI are working with a range of partners to ensure the conservation of threatened plants within their native habitats (in situ conservation).

  • Together with IUCN (the World Conservation Union), we are identifying important areas for plant diversity, and thus conservation action, in six countries thorough the Plants for Prosperity project.
  • We have supported botanic gardens in Mexico to conserve threatened cacti and are developing a new approach to bamboo conservation in Cambodia.
  • We are working with partners in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam to identify ways to ensure the conservation of threatened medicinal, aromatic and nutritional plants.
  • We are looking at ecosystem conservation projects with partners in Madagascar and Namibia.


In situ Conservation

In situ means "on site", so In situconservation is the conservation of species diversity within normal and natural habitats and ecosystems ecosystems. (By comparison, ex situ conservation focuses on keeping species in places such as seed banks or living collections.)