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Saving Plants

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces,
I would still plant my apple tree."
Martin Luther


BGCI's vision is of a world in which plant diversity is valued, secure and supporting all life.

This recognises the crucial importance of plants in supporting all life on earth.

What are BGCI Doing?

Read about our plant conservation goals , which are based on the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation


We Need to Conserve Plants. Plants are essential for all life on Earth, including humans, but they are endangered by many threats, which is causing both plant populations and diversity to decline.

The Role of Botanic Gardens. Botanic gardens play a major role in urgent global efforts to conserve plant diversity, using their skills in science and research, horticulture and education. BGCI encourages and supports these efforts.

Guidance for Botanic Gardens. Please visit our section on policy tools for all the information and policy tools which guide and inform botanic gardens in conservation. Key documents are:


Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

International Agenda

International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation

2010 BG Targets

The 2010 Botanic Garden Targets

Botanic Gardens: Using Biodiversity to Improve Human Well-being

A report has been launched by BGCI on the role of botanic gardens in using plant diversity to improve human well-being. It features case studies from botanic gardens around the world and is available to all in PDF format.


CITES and Medicinal Plants Study: A Summary of Findings

BGCI is working to link plant conservation with improvements in human well-being through a new project for threatened medicinal species to help ensure on-going access to vital plant resources. Medicinal plant displays are popular features in gardens, who also contribute research and other services.


China: Conservation in a Mega-Diverse Region

BGCI collaborated on an ambitious national plan to conserve China's flora and will now work alongside China's botanic garden community to help implement the strategy.


3rd Global Botanic Gardens Congress
The 3rd Global Botanic Gardens Congress has drawn to a successful conclusion. Attracting nearly 1,000 participants from 67 countries, the proceedings are now online, along with blog updates, pictures and useful links for you to continue benefiting from the event.
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BGCI PlantSearch Database
The BGCI plant search allows you to research plants in living collections all around the world. It gives cross-referenced information with Red Data Lists, plant images, the International Plant Names Index, Crop Wild Relatives, and the Tree Conservation Database.