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BigPicnic Big News: Science cafes #2

26 July 2018
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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to be bringing you the fifth Big News from BigPicnic.

BigPicnic is an international, multi-stakeholder project that aims to generate debate by bringing together the public, scientists, policy-makers and industry to help address the global challenge of food security.

You will remember the last issue was on our BigPicnic science cafés, since they are such an important part of our work, and because we had so many more exciting stories to share with you, this issue of Big News will also be about these exciting events.

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   Participants-give-thier-exp.jpg   Eating Right  

“A science café at Tooro Botanical Gardens looked at what underused healthy foods are available to the local community, how to tackle malnutrition and the way forward for sustainably producing nutritious, affordable and easily-accessible foods amidst a trend towards production of cash crops.” 

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  Tasting-insects.jpg   Insects for Food, Feed and Food Security  

“For the first science café at Botanic Garden Meise, we had presentations on food safety and edible insects, research on edible insects in Africa and BigPicnic's research on acceptance of insects as food, as well as the chance to taste edible insects.”

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  Uio-Map.jpg   Smoothie Making  

We co-created a science café with a children’s library near our botanic garden at the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo. The events involved discussing where fruits come from, how they are grown and the relationship between seeds, fruits and new plants, all while making delicious smoothies.

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Family, Bread and Gastronomy


“At the Juan Carlos I Royal Botanic Gardens, Alcalá de Henares University, we organised a science café with a group of ten families, combining bread making with presentations on food safety and parenting. We discussed the science of bread and ways to encourage good nutrition.”

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Food Labelling: Protecting Consumers from Misleading and Deception? 


At the second BigPicnic science café at the School Biology Centre Hannover, participants and experts discussed topics around food labelling and how businesses, science and politics can help keep people healthy.

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