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Free online course on aquatic horticulture

29 June 2018

Everything About Aquatics
by Longwood Gardens

Available now through September 30, 2018

We’re excited to announce the release of our second free, fully online course, Everything About Aquatics. Designed to transport our spectacular Waterlily Display to wherever you and your web-enabled device happen to be, this comprehensive course is perfect for aquatic enthusiasts and experts.

With our self-paced course videos, discussion forums, fact sheets, and more, you can go behind the scenes and learn how we care for and propagate hundreds of day- and night-flowering waterlilies, iconic Victoria giant water-platters, and other stunning aquatic plants. Explore identification characteristics, cultural needs, and care of these plants, as well as learn basic design principles for creating your own aquatic garden. You can even share your own water gardening experiences with fellow enthusiasts.

Ready to get started? Broaden your world by learning in ours. Enroll here


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