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BigPicnic BigNews - Exhibtions #2

28 November 2017

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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to be bringing you the third instalment of Big News from BigPicnic.

BigPicnic is an international, multi-stakeholder project that aims to generate debate by bringing together the public, scientists, policy-makers and industry to help address the global challenge of food security.

BigPicnic aims to reach a wide range of new and existing audiences to collect their thoughts and opinions. As you will have seen from the last issue, one of the methods our botanic garden partners are employing to attract these audiences is exhibitions. Because exhibtions are such an important part of BigPicnic we have dedicated two issues of Big News to them. Below we share some new stories about exhibitions and their development and important updates from gardens whose work we have shared previously.

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Secure, Responsible, Biodiverse Food


"At the Bergamo Botanic Garden "Lorenzo Rota" we have just launched our year-long, interactive, BigPicnic exhibtion. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the role of plants in the survival of humankind and the importance of food security and ecological footprints, whilst asking the public about their opinions on the subject" Read more







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Travelling exhibitions


"In September the travelling exhibition developed by University Botanic Gardens of Sofia University "St Kliment Ohridski" visited three botanic gardens in Bulgaria. During the two-day events we invited members of the public to learn about BigPicnic, urban gardening and forgotten edible plants and discuss food security" Read more







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Harvest workshop


"Since June the University of Innsbruck has been working with local schools to develop photo stories that will be displayed in our BigPicnic exhibtion next year. To support this and offer further inspiration to the students we invited one of the schools to our garden in September for a harvest workshop" Read more









Launching the tropical glasshouses 


"On 24th September Botanic Garden Meise celebrated the opening of our renovated glasshouses. The official ceremony proved to be a great oppportunity to highlight our BigPicnic exhibtion that was co-created with people of African heritage. During the event we allowed visitors to explore the exhibition as well as having special activities and tasting sessions" Read more







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Fort Portal Farmers' Expo


"The Fort Portal Farmers' Expo was a six-day exhibtion led by Tooro Botanical gardens. The event brought together farmers, researchers, finance institutions, the media, local communities and small scale producers and distributors to showcase BigPicnic, innovations in food and agricultural practices and highlight the importance of sustainability." Read more








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