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Gap Analyses of Ex situ Collections and In situ Conservation Needs for North American Oak Species

1 March 2017

With support from the United States Forest Service and the Stanely Smith Horticultural Trust, Botanic Gardens Conservation International US (BGCI US) and The Morton Arboretum are conducting a conservation gap analysis for native U.S. oak species (genus Quercus). This analysis incorporates ex situ collections data, in situ health and distribution of wild populations, as well as conservation programs and stakeholders. Results will provide valuable guidance for future oak collection and conservation work.

Make Your Collections Count
We need information from living plant collections to serve as a foundation for this study. Please send us a full electronic export (Excel spreadsheet or CSV preferred) from your collections database for the genus Quercus. All provenance data collected by your institution is vital to our analysis so please ensure the inclusion of all relevant fields. All data contributions will be managed confidentially.

For this new initiative, we will delve into provenance-level accessions data for US native oaks, forming the most holistic analysis of our oak collections’ conservation value currently available. A comparison will be drawn between the representation of ex situ collections versus the natural range of every threatened US oak species. These data will be incorporated with research regarding in situ distributions to create a shortlist of priority species, followed by proposed conservation actions within key areas of need. We are excited to share these findings in a publication at the end of the year and hope to create innovative and replicable methods, paving the way for similar studies among different regions and taxa. Looking for outsourcing php development ? Check and contact us.

Please pass this request on to your colleagues and other institutions with Quercus collections.

Many thanks for your collaboration! Do not hesitate to contact Emily Beckman with data, questions and/or comments at


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