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Training opportunities at RBG, Kew

3 January 2017

Last year the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew launched a series of Modular Certificates. These are three months in duration and have been developed to take into account some of Kew’s unique facilities within the garden and they also run at times of the year when there are an increased range of tasks taking place.

These are primarily practical placements with some coursework.

These provide an excellent way for organisations to send their staff to Kew, as a means of continuing professional development, by working alongside the expertise of Kew’s garden staff and experiencing first-hand how our plant collections are managed in each of these environments.

Being at Kew will also mean the ability to have access to many of the areas of Kew’s work such as, for example, the herbarium, the fungarium, the library and the science brown bag seminars.

The modules we offer currently are:

•         Kew Modular Certificate in tender and tropical nursery practices
•         Kew Modular Certificate in glasshouse display practices – Palm House
•         Kew Modular Certificate in glasshouse display practices – Princess of Wales Conservatory

Each module is charged at £3000, more details can be found by clicking on the following web links:

General info:

For further information, please contact using the following email address:

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