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Association of Zoological Horticulture Announces 2016 Plant Conservation Grant Winners

7 December 2015
The Association of Zoo Horticulture (AZH) in conjunction with Disney Conservation Fund is proud to announce its greatest annual contribution to plant conservation by providing $40,000 in funds to grant seekers. Rich in diversity and varied in scope, the 2016 projects are sure to positively impact the environment from local habitat restoration to saving specific species through seed banking.

 2016 Grantees

  • Atlanta Botanical Garden - "Conservation efforts for 10 of Florida’s most endangered epiphytic plants in the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park", $7,500
  • Oklahoma City Zoological Park and Botanical Garden - "Cross Timbers Ecosystem Restoration and Tree Introduction Program", $5,477.38
  • San Diego Zoo Global- "Palau Native Plant Propagation", $7,200
  • Zoo Atlanta - "Conservation of the Critically Endangered alligator lizard Abronia campbelli in eastern Guatemala through Habitat Restoration and Community Forest Management", $5482.62
  • Butterfly Pavillion - "Urban Prairies Project" $7,500
  • Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden - "Developing Conservation Strategies for Trillium Species" $6,840

Zoo horticulture involves more than enhancing the landscape for its resident animal populations as evidenced by the thousands of dollars used to protect and conserve the natural environment within our zoos and around the world. Danielle Green, President of AZH affirmed, “The AZH plant conservation grant program has provided the resources for  horticulture programs to actively support the mission of conservation and strengthened  relationships with local, state, and federal partners.” AZH’s deep commitment to plant conservation through the Conservation Grant program began in 1992 and has since awarded close to $300,000 in funding. Projects have spanned the country and the globe.

AZH awards funds to qualified plant conservation grants from AZH members on an annual basis. Amounts awarded vary based on the grant application and funds available. Applications are judged by the AZH Conservation Committee, and final determinations are made at the AZH Annual Conference each fall and projects are carried out the following calendar year. AZH Conservation Grants are awarded for both in-situ and ex-situ plant conservation work. For more information visit


The Association of Zoological Horticulture is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the advancement of zoo horticulture in zoological parks, gardens, and aquariums. AZH works to highlight the importance of plants within zoos and aquariums, and seeks to support the horticulturists who work in a zoological setting. Zoo horticulture encompasses a wide range of activities which requires a diversity of knowledge and skills in gardening, plant identification/selection, landscape development/management, plant-animal interactions, plant toxicity, animal browse production, etc. Just imagine a zoo without plants and you will agree, plants make the difference!

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