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Ex situ survey of globally threatened tree species - deadline extended

31 October 2014

The deadline for the ex situ survey of globally threatened trees has been extended to 20th December. Please ensure your PlantSearch records are up to date so the conservation work of your organisation is accurately represented in this high profile analysis.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Millennium Seed Bank Partnership (MSBP) and the Global Trees Campaign are working together to step up conservation for some of the world’s most threatened tree species. BGCI is leading an ex situ survey of globally threatened tree species which will prioritise species for incorporation into MSBP collections. 

Establishing a Global Tree Seed Bank - RBG Kew aims to double the number of tree species held in MSBP collections through a four year project with the aim to establish the MSBP as the global repository for tree seeds - a "Global Tree Seed Bank". RBG Kew requested the support of the Global Trees Campaign (GTC) and its international network of partners to contribute towards achieving this ambitious aim.

This new RBG Kew – GTC partnership will prioritise tree species for incorporation in MSBP collections, with a focus on threatened species, and GTC partners will contribute 500 species to the Global Tree Seed Bank.

Ex situ survey of globally threatened tree species - To prioritise species for collection, BGCI is undertaking a global survey of ex situ collections of Critically Endangered and Endangered tree species using our PlantSearch database.

Please upload your collection records to BGCI’s PlantSearch database by 20th December 2014 to ensure the conservation work of your institution is accurately represented in this important survey. 

Read more about the Global Tree Seed Bank Initiative on the Global Trees Campaign website

Instructions for uploading or updating your collections in PlantSearch are available here

For more information about this project, please contact Kirsty Shaw

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