GSPC mid-term review - Call for contributions (Deadline 31 January 2014)

7 January 2014

The mid-term review of the GSPC 2011-2020 will be carried out in 2014 by the CBD Secretariat within the framework of the mid-term review of the CBD’s Strategic Plan for Biodiversity.

The review will be based largely on information provided by countries in their 5th National CBD Reports (due in March 2014) and the 4th edition of the Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO4).  However additional information is also requested from botanic gardens and other BGCI partners in the form of:

      - case studies regarding progress towards specific GSPC targets (and related Aichi Biodiversity Targets);

      - quantitative and qualitative measures and indicators of progress;

      - information on the success of national responses to target setting;

       - information on processes for incorporating the GSPC into National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs).



Materials produced for the mid-term review will be considered by SBSTTA at its next meeting (June 2014) and the recommendations taken forward to the 12th Conference of the Parties (October 2014). Any submissions from the BGCI to the CBD Secretariat will be required by March 2014.


Please use the framework provided below for reporting progress:

  - Name of the botanic garden / organisation

  - Name of the person compiling this report and position in the organization

  -General contributions to GSPC implementation (c. 400 words maximum), noting national and international contributions including Information about new initiatives stimulated by the GSPC – relevant target, focus, countries

  - Target specific contributions to the GSPC (200 words maximum)

  - Suggestions for Case Studies: a few sentences describing the case study, including relevant target(s), country or region, institutions involved.  (If such case studies are selected for inclusion in the report, BGCI will subsequently request further information, including possible illustrations available)

  - Suggestions for quantitative measures of success – including relevant target, quantitative measure, how data would be collected

Additional matters, including

  - future plans;

  - current challenges and constraints to GSPC implementation and

  - capacity building measures undertaken / planned.


All submissions to be sent to BGCI (  by 31 January 2014


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