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Taiwan Forestry Bureau presents annual grant to BGCI

23 April 2013



Sara Oldfield Secretary General, BGCI meeting Jane Hsu Deputy Representative,

Taipei Representative Office in the United Kingdom


On Friday 19th April Sara Oldfield met the Deputy Representative Jane Hsu at the Taipei Representative Office in the UK at their offices in Grosvenor Gardens were she was presented with a grant of $8,000. This is a generous grant given by the Taiwan Forestry Bureau to BGCI in support of the Ecological Restoration Alliance of botanic gardens.


In this way the Taiwan Forestry Bureau is supporting the growing alliance of botanic gardens worldwide who are all committed to the restoration of the worlds degraded ecosystems.

Botanic gardens, arboreta and seed banks will draw on their proven restoration expertise to target ecosystems that are under threat and no longer able to provide essential services and resources for sustaining human livelihoods and biodiversity.  This is an ambitious 20 year initiative - supporting the Ecological Restoration Alliance in the early stages of the project will help us set up flagship projects over six continents.  Lessons from these projects will be applied to other degraded ecosystems, and a generation of practitioners will be trained and able to guide a growing network of restoration projects, in addition they will be able to advise governments, policy makers and industry in land restoration.

BGCI will be facilitating this project and we have some exciting flagship projects read about them here

More information on the Ecological Restoration Alliance can be found on these pages


BGCI would like to thank the Taipei Representative Office and the Taiwan Forestry Bureau for their continued support to BGCI and commitment to global plant conservation.


Visit Taiwan's botanic gardens listed on the BGCI's online open access GardenSearch database they are:

Xia-Ping Tropical Botanic Garden of the Experimental Forest     JuShan

Hengchun Tropical Botanic Garden     Pingtung   

Botanic Garden of the National Museum of Natural Science     Taichung  

Taipei Botanic Garden     Taipei

Fushan Botanic garden     Yilan


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