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Integrated conservation of trees - a new manual from BGCI

7 December 2012

This reference manual has been developed to support the integrated conservation of threatened tree species by botanic gardens and arboreta. It is aimed at the staff and associates of the world’s botanic gardens, and is designed to help the development, planning and implementation of conservation activities focusing on tree species.

Botanic gardens are exceptionally well placed to make an important contribution in this area, as they have access to the skills and techniques to identify, cultivate and propagate a wide range of trees. In addition, they hold important collections of living trees, seeds and other germplasm that can be of value in supporting both in situ and ex situ conservation efforts.

This manual builds on A handbook for botanic gardens on the reintroduction of plants to the wild published by BGCI in 1995 (Akeroyd and Wyse Jackson, 1995) and reflects the increasing imperative to restore and conserve damaged ecosystems. It draws on both the scientific literature and on practical experiences gained in tree conservation projects from around the world.

The manual first briefly considers why tree species should be conserved and restored, and how integrated approaches to conservation can be developed. A step-by-step guide is then provided to support the design and practical implementation of integrated conservation approaches.

While this manual can only serve as a brief introduction to what is a large and complex subject, it is hoped that it will both facilitate and encourage botanic gardens and land management agencies to develop integrated conservation activities focusing on tree species.

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