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Update on the cyclone damage at Auroville Botanical Garden

23 January 2012

This is just a short update on the work at the gardens.

It feels as if we have really completed phase 1 of the clean up as we have now finished cleaning the first track around the gardens, which is essential for the clean up work, and to enable us to reduce the fire risk, which is now very present in everybodies mind. This goes along with the clean up of the nursery and the emergency repairs to the roofs and water systems that took place in the first week after the cyclone hit.

We now can concentrate on the permanent repairs to the infrastructure, for which we have begun to purchase the materials.

Within the chaos we had a young Romania student show up from an American college based in Paris who was part of a group visiting Auroville as part of their media communications course. She spent a ten days with us, and amongst other things she produced a short documentary video on the cyclone damage at the gardens, 

View the video here:  

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