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New training resources for forestry practitioners, lecturers, trainers and students

6 June 2011

Bioversity has just launched a training manual for forestry practitioners, lecturers, trainers and students to increase understanding of how to manage diverse and complex forest and other tree based ecosystems sustainably. It can be used for teaching and learning about Forest Genetic Resources issues both in formal education and on-the-job training.

Commenting on the launch, Elizabeth D. Goldberg, Head of Capacity Development Unit at Bioversity International said 'We believe that this practical, case study-based training tool would be of interest to your web site users, partners and collaborators.'

The student is asked: How would you develop a genetic conservation strategy to safeguard an endangered tree species? 

'Imagine you are a forest manager working in Malaysia. An endangered Dipterocarp tree (Shorea lumutensis), endemic to peninsular Malaysia, is now so reduced in number that it is restricted only to small reserves, vulnerable to natural catastrophes, and climate change. Its small populations mean that the species is also losing its genetic diversity through inbreeding. Human threats to the remaining populations continue from logging, quarrying, conversion to oil palm plantations, and land development for tourism.

'Your challenge is to develop a genetic conservation strategy to safeguard this Dipterocarp tree in Malaysia. Your strategy must take into account sustainable ecosystems, and consider both in situ and ex situ conservation measures, as well as what resources are available.'

For further information see their website and announcement  



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