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QR Codes for Horticulture and Botanic Gardens?

25 May 2011

QR codes, which can be used to carry information much like barcodes are gaining in acceptance, especially that many smart phones can now read them. One company promoting QR codes is HortyCodes ( )

Their website has a video and says this of the codes:

Hortycodes are QR codes printed on virtually indestructible, waterproof paper that provide in-depth plant information directly to iPhones, Blackberrys, Androids and other smartphones. Embedded in the Hortycode is the common name of the plant, the latin name and pronunciation, zone information, size dimensions, bloom time, sun and soil preferences and direct links to Wikipedia articles and Flickr images of the plant. You can also carry on seamless discussions with other Hortycode members about your plant directly on your phone while you're relaxing in your garden.


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