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Global Survey of Ex situ Zelkova Collections

16 February 2011

The summary of the 10 page report noted:

'The survey identified that all of the Zelkova taxa are currently held in living collections by botanic gardens and arboreta. In total 255 Zelkova records1, from 137 institutions in 27 countries were identified. Of the 255 records included in the analysis, just 17 records of the most threatened Zelkova taxa (Z. sicula and Z. abelicea) were identified.

'The report concludes by a series of recommendations based on the results of the survey including: up to date conservation assessments, the strengthening of existing ex situ collections, establishing new collections, carrying out genetic analysis of collections of wild populations, implementing restoration and reintroduction activities, involving local communities and organisation in conservation activities and developing public awareness programmes.'

'This survey formed the first phase of this project, the results of which will go to inform the genetic analysis in the next phase.'

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