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Conference: From Crop to Cure (London, UK; 29 March 2011)

14 January 2011


Many claims are made for medicinal properties in plants. Some fail the test of scientific analysis. Others provide valuable medicines to combat human disorders and disease. It is not only “herbal medicines” that rely on plants for their existence. Many conventional medicines are either directly extracted from plants or plants have played a critical role in their development. Extracts from plants have found use to treat many areas of disease including cancer, heart and blood conditions, pain and neurological disorders.

This conference will integrate the science and commercial aspects and will span the sequence from plant to product (from growing the plant/crop, through processing and development, to treatment) and provide a platform for debating current issues in the development of medicinal plant products.


Alison Foster, University of Oxford Botanic Garden; Richard Wilkins, Newcastle University; Peter Grimbly, SCI Horticulture Group.

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