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New BGCI discussion paper: Conserving wild plants for livelihoods

5 November 2010

Community based conservation

Front cover of livelihoods reportBCGI's new paper discusses challenges faced in community-based conservation of wild plants which are used for local rural livelihoods and looks at how botanic gardens might provide effective solutions that help to address both socioeconomic needs and conservation ends.

In its 20 pages, 'Conserving wild plants for livelihoods - botanic gardens working with local communities' considers pilot projects and consultations with a range of individuals and organizations in Madagascar and Uganda carried out by BGCI and partners, with support from SwedBio through the Wild Plants for Food and Medicine project. This project was designed to support IUCN Red Listing for plants, selection of Important Plant Areas and community approaches to  plant conservation in the two  countries. The paper also draws on experiences from elsewhere in the world, either directly related to BGCI projects, or based on a review of literature and discussions with botanic gardens and partner organizations. Botanic gardens already act as vitally important resource  centres for the conservation of plant diversity.

We hope this discussion paper will encourage a wider debate on how botanic gardens can scale up efforts and effective initiatives that contribute to the direct conservation of plants of critical importance for local people. We also hope to stimulate discussion on how BGCI can best support such efforts and how BGCI can continue to develop its own programme on plants for rural livelihoods.

Your contributions are welcomed

We greatly value your views and any thoughts which you may regarding the issues addressed in the discussion paper. Please send your response to us by 1 February 2011. Responses can be sent as emails (preferred) or by post. Please email or post the response to our  UK Head Office. BGCI welcomes your input. 

Available online

The discussion document 'Conserving wild plants for livelihoods - botanic gardens working with local communities' is available in a low resolution format (quick to download) or as a high resolution format (slower to download but better quality).

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