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4th Global Botanic Gardens Congress : Addressing global change – a new agenda for botanic gardens

24 June 2010

The 4th Global Botanic Gardens Congress: Addressing global change – a new agenda for botanic gardens was held at the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin in Dublin, Ireland last week.  The Congress was hailed as a great success, full of positive messages for conservation and for the role of botanic gardens in safeguarding plant diversity at this most critical of times.  

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Over 370 delegates attended representing 53 countries!

glasnevin botanic gardensroseacea cardiocrinum giganteum






The scientific programme addressed 8 themes:

Theme 1: The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation - 2010 and beyond

Theme 2: Addressing the threat from invasive aliens, pests and diseases    

Theme 3: Building sustainable botanic gardens    

Theme 4: Frontiers of science and conservation biology research in botanic gardens

Theme 5: Addressing climate change through botanic gardens   

Theme 6: Working with local communities towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals 

Theme 7: Environmental education in botanic gardens        

Theme 8: Botanic garden horticulture  

There were 13 plenary addresses, 27 parallel sessions (of which 12 were organised symposia on special topics) 136 talks and 3 panel discussions!

You can see a summary of talks and authors here.

Feedback was provided at the end of every session - this was divided into 3 themes:

  • Strategies and targets
  • Conservation action
  • Engaging with society

This feedback was presented at a conclusions session on the last day of the Congress.  You can download the conclusions presentation here.

During this Congress there were calls to establish:

  1. A Botanic gardens cycad collections consortium (as part of IUCN SSC)
  2. A European network of botanic gardens working with cryptogams
  3. An Oceanic Island Plant Network – the Island Statement and details of a listserve will be posted here shortly.

The Global Botanic Gardens Congress website is hosting a noticeboard where you can post any notices related to actions or other activities following on from the Congress, please contact Matthew Jebb or Belinda Hawkins.

Full proceedings will be published here shortly.


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