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EuroGard V Resolutions published

21 September 2009

Early June saw Helsinki, the lively coastal capital of Finland, hosting the Fifth EuroGard Congress: Botanic gardens in the age of climate change.  Or -  the potential of ex situ conservation to reduce biodiversity loss caused by climate change.

This congress was part of a series of European Botanic Gardens Congresses (EuroGards) that aim to strengthen capacity and collaboration among European botanic gardens as well as deepen their role in the society at large.  EuroGard is organised every three years by the European Botanic Gardens Consortium, the hosting institution (in this case the Botanic Garden of the University of Helsinki) and BGCI.

The Congress was a great success, highlighting especially how far we have come over the past decade in linking in situ and ex situ conservation and in recognising their mutual importance and co-dependence.

Download the full Congress Resolutions here.

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