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Tallin Botanic Garden opens new greenhouse

22 July 2009

Tallin Botanic Garden in Estonia opened its new subtropical greenhouse to the public on 30th June 2009.

The greenhouse holds collections of Australian and New Zealand flora as well as displays of Chinese, Japanese and Mediterranean plants, including a Wollemia nobilis, donated by the Australian ambassodor.

empty greenhouse  empty before planting  

 Almost empty before planing

in June 09

 Planting is due to finish by Sep 09


The new 2000m2 greenhouse has lots of natural light, special plant-friendly lamps, fans, a small river and ditch, a pond for fish (no fish yet!).  All the windows are automatically controlled and shade curtains are also automatically operated to ensure the best conditions for the plants.

  camphor oil tree
japanese and chinese part of greenhouse

Cinnamomum camphora (centre)

 Japanese and  Chinese part of new subtropical house


outside view


To read more visit the website, information is available in English


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