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Rare magnolias get a second chance at Shenzhou Magnolia Garden

10 July 2009

BGCI member Shenzhou Magnolia Garden was established in 2005 and is located in Xuwen county, a tropical region in the far south of China.

The area of the garden is around 104 hectares, in which grow 125 magnolia species.  36 species are listed in the ‘China Plant Red Data Book’ and 40 are listed as rare and endangered in the Red List of Magnoliaceae.

It is also a Science and Technology Demonstration Base of Agricultural Tourism of Rare and Endangered Magnolia Plants. 

BGCI visited the garden and saw over 2 million magnolia plants growing very well.  The garden has provided employment opportunities for local people and is also the popular science education base for the horticulture departments of Peking University and Tsinghua University.

"Utilization is the best way of protection", said garden Director Zhu Kaifu.  He is promoting Magnolias as street tree plants in Pearl River Delta region which is richer compared to other regions in Guangdong province (Magnolia plants are noble and expensive in China). He is also planning to establish a ‘World Magnolia Park’ in Guangzhou or Zhongshan City or Shenzhen in the coming year.


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