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Successful symposium on the family Magnoliaceae

19 May 2009

Organised by BGCI, South China Botanical Garden (SCBG), and Magnolia Society International (MSI), the 2nd International Symposium on the Family Magnoliaceae (ISFM) was held in Guangzhou in China on May 5-8. The theme of the symposium was to enhance the exchange of Magnoliaceae research worldwide, and to promote the conservation and sustainable utilisation of Magnolia plant resources. More than 150 delegates from 22 countries and regions participated in the meeting. Our secretary general Sara Oldfield addressed the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Dr. FU Shenglei, the deputy director of SCBG. Besides Ms. Sara Oldfield, the president of MSI Ms. Susan P. Treadway, the director of SCBG Dr. HUANG Hongwen, and the Chairman of the Academic Committee for the Symposium Dr. XIA Nianhe addressed at the open ceremony. The MoA on co-establishment of  a 'World Magnolia Centre' was signed by BGCI, MSI and SCBG. Huang Hongwen, Sara Oldfield and Susan P. Treadway also unveiled the World Magnolia Centre plaque, marking the centre settled in SCBG. The centre will carry out worldwide Magnoliaceae plant germplasm resources ex situ conservation studies through exchanging seedlings with Asian, American and Oceanian botanical gardens, farms and nurseries.

The four-day symposium program included plenary reports, group discussion and poster exhibitions. The delegates actively participated in the discussion of the following fields about Magnoliaceae, including systematics and phytogeography, morphology and anatomy, molecular biology, cytology and phytochemistry, conservation, physiology and ecology, cultivation, propagation and cultivar breeding, gardening and landscaping. Sara Oldfield presented the Red List of Magnoliaceae. She also introduced the great contributions to Magnolia conservation made by BGCI, the Global Trees Campaign (GTC) and Fauna and Flora International (FFI). 

During the meeting, the delegates also visited the Magnolia Garden of SCBG, and took an excursion to Nankunshan Nature Reserve which is also one of BGCI China's project bases, ex situ conserving threatened Magnolia longipedunculata and Bretschneidera sinensis.

It was a successful international symposium. In group discussion sessions, participants heatedly discussed the taxonomy, systematics, conservation and sustainable utilisation of Magnolias.

                   symposium participants

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