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Urgent New Role for Botanic Gardens

20 February 2008

An article published today in the Christian Science Monitor highlights the threats of global climate change to plant genetic diversity, and discusses some of the important work occurring at Chicago Botanic Garden, Longwood Gardens, Missouri Botanical Garden, and New York Botanical Garden to address these threats.

Work at the Chicago Botanic Garden to bank seeds of over 1,500 species native to the tallgrass prairie is conserving species diversity over the long-term, while ethnobotanical research at Missouri Botanical Garden is demonstrating both the importance and fragility of high-alpine plant communities in the face of rapid climate change. 

At Longwood Gardens, energy efficiency in glasshouses has been improved through design updates and changes in species selection, and New York Botanical Garden's educational program on Gardening in a Changing Climate helps gardeners make individual choices to help combat the effects of climate change. 

Collectively, these efforts to educate and raise awareness about the importance of and threats to plants diversity are reaching millions of botanic garden visitors in the United States.

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Article citation: Jane Roy Brown. 2008. Botanical conservatories take on urgent new role. Christian Science Monitor. February 20 edition.

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