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Investing in Nature Program Comes to a Close

6 January 2007

In 2002 HSBC Group, one of the world's largest financial services organizations, made the biggest single corporate donation to protect the environment with the creation of a five-year eco-partnership known as Investing in Nature. Through this partnership, HSBC made major contributions to the efforts of three international conservation organizations: WWF, Earthwatch and BGCI. With this funding BGCI has been able to grInvesting in Natureeatly expand its international conservation, education, and public awareness programs in an effort to secure the future of plant diversity for people and the planet. The current U.S. program for BGCI is a product of the Investing in Nature partnership.

The end of the Investing in Nature program will bring changes to BGCI's in-country programs around the world, including here in the U.S. We are in the midst of an organizational assessment and strategic planning process to determine how to best serve our members and partners in the coming years now that the formal goals and targets for the Investing in Nature program have been realized. BGCI is committed to maintaining and developing its regional and in-country programs wherever possible. Our strategic planning process will identify new program opportunities in our current countries of operation, as well as new regional possibilities. The tenure of the current U.S. program staff based here at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden will come to a close at the end of this year. BGCI will keep you informed as new U.S. programs are developed and staffed later in 2007.

IiAInvesting in Nature, which was launched in February 2002, was a US$50 million, five-year partnership funded by HSBC, working with Botanic Gardens Conservation International, Earthwatch and WWF. BGCI worked with its partners to protect 20,000 plant species from extinction.


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