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Managing Ecosystems to Fight Poverty

2 May 2006


Woman bending to plant (image BGCI).

Improving livelihoods and environmental
protection go hand-in-hand
(Image © BGCI)

From IUCN 

Can poverty be reduced through the sustainable management of ecosystems? This was the question posed last week at a conference organized jointly by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the World Conservation Union (IUCN).   The conference was hosted by the Danish Government in Copenhagen, and discussed the results of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, as well incentives to use market based solutions and development assistance to reduce poverty through better management of ecosystems.

A number of case studies on managing ecosystems were presented during the day. For example, Jan Bojo, Lead Economist at the World Bank spoke about payments for ecosystem services, Howard Shapiro, Director, Plant Science and External Research at Mars Inc presented the business case for a sustainable cacao programme, and Ibrahim Thiaw, IUCN’s Regional Director for West Africa, presented concrete examples of benefits for local people from ecosystem management and restoration in West Africa.

For more information please visit the IUCN's press release

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