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Fairchild Receives Bond Money

15 November 2004

Residents of Miami-Dade County approved the Building Better Communities Bond on November 2nd. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden was included in the bond, and is now slated to receive $15 million from bond monies.

"There's no other way to state it, we are thrilled. Fairchild is now poised to bring Miami-Dade's citizens one of the world's best botanic gardens." said Bruce Greer, president of Fairchild's Board of Trustees. He added, "We are grateful to our Miami-Dade brethren for voting to approve the bond that will improve so many areas of Miami-Dade, including Fairchild."

Fairchild is Miami-Dade's oldest cultural, educational and scientific institution with a deep tradition of public service and educational outreach. The passage of this ballot item provides funding for the rehabilitation and renovation of Fairchild's aging infrastructure.

Projected work will include replacement of the 68-year old irrigation and drainage systems, the renovation of historic features and the upgrading of popular garden features such as the extraordinary conservatory. Perhaps most importantly, Fairchild will upgrade its educational facilities to best serve the educational needs of all Miami-Dade schools and the ever-growing numbers of home gardeners and life-long learners in the County.

"We were successful in getting the word out about the importance of this bond issue, because of our dedicated staff and volunteers. We set up a phone bank and called 9,000 members, sent letters, emails and spread the word. We needed this funding to take Fairchild to the next level for Miami-Dade and the world," said Mike Maunder, director of Fairchild. "Fairchild is a beautiful green space in an increasingly urban and densely populated county.

"There has never been a greater demand for Fairchild's services to the Miami-Dade communities. It is essential that we expand our support to the area's schools, that we provide modern facilities for life-long learning and that Miami-Dade continues to have one of the world's great botanic gardens as a resource and inspiration for all," added Maunder.

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