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International Summit Meeting for Global Database Development

22 November 2004
Botanic Gardens Conservation International is pleased to announce that it is participating in an international meeting being held over 14-15 October 2004 to explore how wildlife health and conservation databases may be linked together. Key organisations in these disciplines will examine the extent to which these needs are addressed by current information systems, the role of a standardised nomenclature, and determine the activities required to create one as a positive step toward creating a global system for information on health and husbandry of wild animals.

The two day conference takes place in London at the headquarters of HSBC Holdings plc, who are sponsoring the event as part of their support for environmental projects.

Participating organisations are:

Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) -
Chinese Academy of Scientists (CAS) -
CAB International (CABI) -
International Species Information System (ISIS) -
National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) -
Wildlife Information Network (WIN) -
World Conservation Union (IUCN) -

Over the two days, delegates will first address current Database needs and problems, and then move on the consider Database solutions. All of the participating organisations are wildlife conservationists and working with an aim to establish a business model to inter-relate databases and share information.

A News Alert and Press Release will be circulated to all major editors and press agents throughout the world.

Sponsored by HSBC Holdings plc -

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