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April 2-5, 2018

Havana, Cuba

The National Botanic Gardens Network of Cuba is pleased to announce the 2018 Botanical Bridges Congress, which will be held at the National Botanic Garden in Havana from April 2 to 5, 2018; during the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the garden.

The first Botanical Bridges Congress took place in Panama City, in 2016. This was the starting point of The Caribbean and Central American Botanic Garden Network. The network aims to foster collaboration ‘bridges’ among botanic gardens, botanic garden enthusiasts, and research centers interested in the Caribbean and Central American region. The congress promotes the exchange of experiences and innovations in conservation, education and research to solve common challenges faced by Caribbean and Central American botanic gardens and associated research institutions.

The congress includes lectures, oral presentations and workshops relevant to the work of the botanic gardens of the region. During the gathering, there will be a visit to the historical garden ´Quinta de los Molinos´ in Old Havana and to the Cienfuegos Botanic Garden, a centennial institution formerly known as ´Soledad´ Experimental Station of Harvard University.

The 2018 Botanical Bridges is organized by the National Botanic Garden with the support of the National Botanic Gardens Network of Cuba, the University of Havana, Botanic Gardens Conservation International, the Cuban Botanical Society, the Missouri Botanical Garden, Planta! - Plantlife Conservation Society, and other national and international institutions.

More information is available at:

Download a congress circular in English here; in Spanish here; and in French here.

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