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Mexicans Reaching for the Sky

12 September 2007
 Agave americana breaks through the glass ceiling

 The rare century plant goes through the roof at
Treborth Botanic Garden in Wales

Mexican botanic gardens are meeting this week to discuss progress towards the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.

Sara Oldfield of BGCI is to be a key speaker at the event, titled "Botanic Garden Collections within the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, Are We Ready for 2010?"

Its main objective is to provide Mexican botanic gardens and government authorities an an overview of plant collections in the botanical gardens. 

Hosted by the Mexican Botanic Gardens Association, and the Francisco Javier Clavijero Botanic Garden of the Instituto de Ecología , A.C., the meeting is set to celebrate successes such as the National Day of the Botanic Garden, and to examine the vital contribution botanic gardens make to plant conservation.

Meanwhile, Mexico's Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden have issued their latest newsletter. It makes for an interesting read on the problems faced by a Mexican garden and the postivity and enthusiasm that overcome the challenges. You can read it their website.

Meanwhile at the Treborth Botanic Garden at Bangor University in Wales, a huge century plant has broken a glasshouse roof.

The rare plant, Agave americana,  was being watched avidly by curator Nigel Brown and colleagues, but it burst into flower at the weekend and grew so fast that it smashed through the glass ceiling above.

Maybe it wants to join in all the activity back home. 


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