The IPSN and BGCI raise £16,553.75 this Christmas

12 December 2016

BGCI took part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge to raise a fantastic £16,553.75, beating our target of £15,000.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is a yearly fundraising event that sees donations doubled by matched funds! This year the campaign ran from midday Tuesday 29th November to midday Friday 2nd December 2016and raised a staggering £7.2 million in total.

This year funds will be used to support the International Plant Sentinel Network

Know your enemy! The IPSN aims to protect tree (and non-woody) species from attack by invasive damaging pests and diseases. In recent years the UK has seen the outbreak of many damaging pests that have had severe impacts on British trees; ash dieback, horse chestnut leaf miner, oak processionary moth and the oriental chestnut gall wasp, to name but a few. The IPSN aims to provide early warning of these new and emerging threats to help the UK (and other countries) better safeguard our iconic native trees. The earlier damaging organisms are identified, the more likely management programmes are to suceed. Similarly, a key part of the IPSN is to try and identify potential threats before they arrive in the UK, which could help to prevent their introduction altogether!

Working with botanic gardens and arboreta, this international network will provide critical information and forewarning that can protect our iconic tree species. The IPSN does this by building capacity and capability within botanic gardens and arboreta around the world to support garden staff in good biosecurity practise and the identification and management of plant health issues. The BGCI coordinated project also helps faciliate and support research in botanic gardens and arboreta, raises awareness of existing research and facilitates contact between different individuals, organisations and countries from all around the world.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed