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31 Dec : Kew and Missouri Botanical Garden announce the completion of The Plant List
24 Dec : New educational materials for International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
15 Dec : Win 'Free' Design and Consultancy Services
15 Dec : New Pan-European Education Project
13 Dec : Survey for plant conservation on oceanic islands (GIPCN - Global Island Plant Conservation Network)
10 Dec : Botanic Garden in $50 Million Campaign to Preserve Wild Crop Relatives
10 Dec : Biodiversity communications: inspiration at BioFresh
10 Dec : Crop Genebank Knowledge Base now online
03 Dec : Dr Tim Entwistle appointed to Director of Conservation, Living Collections and Estates, Kew Gardens (April 2011)
03 Dec : National Botanic Garden of Belgium: global survey on plant reintroductions
03 Dec : Call for papers: 2011 International Biodiversity Conference in Baños, Ecuador
03 Dec : U.S. Green Building Council honours leader of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
03 Dec : New Journal Paper: Approaches to Restoring Degraded Forests under REDD+
30 Nov : Papers published from BGCI's Fourth Global Botanic Gardens Congress (2010)
18 Nov : Taxus迁地保育暨庐山珍稀濒危植物保护和利用研讨会在庐山植物园顺利举行
18 Nov : “珍稀濒危植物长梗木莲的保护生物学与回归引种” 暨“物种多样性及保护”研讨会在大岭山顺利召开
09 Nov : Missouri Botanical Garden joins CBD's Consortium of Scientific Partners
08 Nov : Conserving plant diversity crucial for future food security
05 Nov : New BGCI discussion paper: Conserving wild plants for livelihoods
04 Nov : Seeking your views; two new publications
27 Oct : BGCI consultation: International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation
26 Oct : Edinburgh botanists visit Afganistan
26 Oct : Conference proceedings published: Acclimatization, Global Change, Gardening and Biodiversity Conservation
26 Oct : New website: Gardening with nature isn’t complicated!
21 Oct : Success: Renewed Global Strategy for Plant Conservation adopted
19 Oct : Key target in Global Strategy for Plant Conservation reviewed in new BGCI report
27 Sep : Announcing BGCI’s 8th International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens
27 Sep : Global survey of ex situ maple collections
24 Sep : Huge potential for outreach via faith-based gardening projects
15 Sep : BGCI's Stella Simiyu takes part in high profile debate at the British Museum
15 Sep : Prof Stephen Blackmore honoured by Queen
13 Sep : The Hortus Botanicus of Vrije University, Amsterdam, threatened with closure
03 Sep : Kunming seedbank gives rare plants chance for survival
03 Sep : Botanical illustration exhibition highlights the art behind conservation
31 Aug : Pavlovsk seed bank faces destruction - YOU CAN HELP!
31 Aug : Scientists establish the world’s first society for fungal conservation
27 Aug : Successful translocation of Critically Endangered Cyperus polystachyus
26 Aug : BGCI China and The International Symposium of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden
26 Aug : BGCI China and The International Symposium of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden
19 Aug : Top plantsman Chris Beardshaw supports Plants for the Planet!
03 Aug : International Training Course: Seed Conservation Techniques for Wild Plant Resources
30 Jul : Last chance for your collections to be included in our GSPC Target 8 report for presentation at CoP 10!
27 Jul : BGCI-KFBG 2010 旅游奖学金申请通知
21 Jul : 珍稀濒危植物伯乐树保护研讨会成功召开
15 Jul : RBGE Certificate in Practical Horticulture - apply now
13 Jul : 第四届世界植物园大会在爱尔兰成功举办
07 Jul : “关爱地球,保护植物”运动
02 Jul : Two botanists recognised as Distinguished Economic Botanists by the Society of Economic Botany
24 Jun : 4th Global Botanic Gardens Congress : Addressing global change – a new agenda for botanic gardens
24 Jun : BGCI's plant conservation programme in China brochure published.
04 Jun : Nepalese Forest Minister declares Swayambhu Forest a sacred forest
04 Jun : Inauguration of Pakistan Botanic Gardens Network
04 Jun : Oman Botanic Garden seeking international expertise
19 May : The most important catalogue in human history? Catalogue of Life 2010 launched at UN Biodiversity Meeting in Nairobi
19 May : BGCI/Fairchild Challenge Global Option winner announced!
18 May : Manglietia sinica on IUCN Species of the Day
18 May : GSPC hailed as one of the most successful outcomes of the Convention on Biological Diversity.
07 May : Global review of plant conservation on oceanic islands
30 Apr : East African biodiversity hot spots need trained local botanists
30 Apr : New exhibition at Benmore Botanic Garden, Scotland
27 Apr : Les Jardins Botanique de Cayes - Agroecological Fair - 28th April to 2nd May 2010
26 Apr : The Oman Botanic Garden celebrates first habitat display planting
26 Apr : Funding Opportunity for Plant Conservation Projects
21 Apr : Earth Day, 22nd April 2010
20 Apr : Change of dates for International Diploma Course in Botanic Garden Education
19 Apr : UC Davis Arboretum releases interactive GIS mapping application
19 Apr : Top 5 finalists of our Fairchild Challenge BGCI Global Option
07 Apr : 2010 Catalogue of Life Annual Checklist launched
01 Apr : International Garden Photogapher of the Year (IGPOTY) 'Winter Beauty' results announced
01 Apr : 成都市植物园与重庆市南山植物园加入BGCI
30 Mar : Viability study on Islamic Gardens in the UK underway
30 Mar : What happens to a botanic garden after an earthquake?
29 Mar : International Certificate in Botanic Garden Management in the Asia Pacific Region
19 Mar : Trees at the top of the world
15 Mar : The Missouri Botanical Garden has opened a Center for Biodiversity Informatics
12 Mar : Bids closing for the 2013 World Botanic Gardens Congress
10 Mar : Climate change and human influence
08 Mar : Top 10 finalists of our Fairchild Challenge BGCI Global Option
03 Mar : Funding available for highly endangered species conservation
24 Feb : Sustainability: where are we going?
16 Feb : Botanists play matchmakers for rare sumac
11 Feb : Predators lag prey in climate change adaptations
03 Feb : 2010 - International Year of Biodiversity
02 Feb : Registration opens for 4th Global Botanic Gardens Congress
28 Jan : Al Ain Wildlife Park becomes BGCI Patron member!
28 Jan : Flowering of rare Pitcairn Island plant at the National Botanic Gardens Dublin
14 Jan : Public cameras capture valuable data on plant growth
06 Jan : Arnold Arboretum publishes field-checking manual for living plant collections
05 Jan : 珍稀濒危植物猪血木的保护与自然回归研讨会在广东阳春召开
04 Jan : Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney becomes BGCI Patron Member