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22 Dec : Botanic work to develop in Thailand
07 Dec : Clavijero Botanic Garden opens Ethnobotanic Collection for National Conservation Week in Mexico
02 Dec : World gears up for Copenhagen as climate change accelerates beyond expectations
26 Nov : Chicago Botanic Garden involved in boot camp programme
26 Nov : Plant extinctions in urban areas
26 Nov : 25 US National Parks already impacted by dramatic climate shifts
19 Nov : November deadline for Asia Pacific Botanic Garden Course applications
17 Nov : Autumn favourites at risk of extinction in the wild
16 Nov : “珍稀濒危植物云南金钱槭、馨香玉兰和香木莲保护及回归引种试验示范”研讨会顺利召开
13 Nov : 珍稀濒危植物珙桐物种回归成功启动
12 Nov : BGCI中国项目“珍稀濒危植物长梗木莲的保护生物学与回归引种”研讨会在南昆山顺利召开
11 Nov : Botanists debate the benefits of assisted migration
04 Nov : Plant science research in botanic gardens
20 Oct : Do you use plant names or species names, in general?
15 Oct : 10% of wild plant species secure in seed bank
08 Oct : Plant extinctions in urban areas
06 Oct : 25 US National Parks already impacted by dramatic climate shifts
01 Oct : Deadline for abstract submission for 4GBGC extended
29 Sep : 100 new plant species discovered in Greater Mekong
28 Sep : BGCI中国项目“受威胁植物迁地和就地保护及当地社区角色一体化”进展报告会
24 Sep : ENSCONET Seed Collecting Manual for Wild Species available
23 Sep : Informing the public! Ex situ conservation of threatened species needs emphasis
23 Sep : Cooperation between botanic gardens in the Baltic Sea region
21 Sep : EuroGard V Resolutions published
17 Sep : 珙桐迁地与就地保护专题学术研讨会
10 Sep : Chicago Botanic Garden’s new Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center opens!
10 Sep : Beer bottle pavement walkway installed at the Moreton Arboretum
09 Sep : Urban green spaces vital to wellbeing
02 Sep : GSPC targets for 2010 - 2020 drafted
20 Aug : Museum and herbarium specimens aid conservation assessments
20 Aug : Roots index covering 15 editions published
19 Aug : Universal DNA barcode proposed for plants
14 Aug : BGCI forms new partnership with IOS to enhance cacti and succulent collections worldwide
07 Aug : Thieves cause damage to Adelaide Botanic Garden
22 Jul : Tallin Botanic Garden opens new greenhouse
10 Jul : Rare magnolias get a second chance at Shenzhou Magnolia Garden
10 Jul : New one-day course for engaging children with special educational needs
07 Jul : Wildlife crisis worse than economic crisis
26 Jun : 4th Global Botanic Garden Congress details announced
22 Jun : Giant arum flowers at Hortus botanicus Leiden!
18 Jun : Kumpula Botanic Garden opens!
04 Jun : BGCI signs Rainforest Declaration
03 Jun : Latest steps on the road to the International ABS Regime. Botanic gardens, take note!
01 Jun : In Darwin's anniversary year, flora of Galapagos gets a boost
01 Jun : Rain doesn’t stop families pouring in to Rosemoor’s new family area!
26 May : 珍稀濒危植物伯乐树保护与种群重建项目研讨会在广东东莞举行
26 May : 北京植物园成功拯救濒危植物大花杓兰---------波音志愿者庆祝世界“植物保育日”
19 May : Successful symposium on the family Magnoliaceae
18 May : 秘书长Sara Oldfield应邀出席第二届国际木兰会议
15 May : Plants, Darwin and birds attend Clavijero Botanic Garden Day!
13 May : Botanic garden calls for a voice for local communities facing climate change
08 May : Blaze destroys Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
08 May : World's fruit and nut trees seriously threatened with extinction
05 May : Hortus Botanicus Vrije Universiteit threatened with demolition
30 Apr : First certified African Blackwood heralds brighter future for rural Tanzanians
28 Apr : Children's garden opens in Turkey
27 Apr : IGPOTY 'Early Bird' competition now open!
27 Apr : National Botanic Garden of Belgium conducting global plant reintroductions survey
14 Apr : Botanic gardens key players in climate change research
08 Apr : Citizen scientists watch flowers for clues about climate
03 Apr : Education at the heart of new garden in Finland
31 Mar : Bald eagles hatch at Norfolk Botanical Garden!
25 Mar : New Zealand plants under increasing threat
23 Mar : 'Making friends with flowers' success!
13 Mar : Prince Charles climate plea
13 Mar : Brooklyn Botanic Garden botanist returns from Papua New Guinea!
04 Mar : Darwin's scientific legacy at The Botanic Gardens Trust in Sydney
04 Mar : Fairchild Challenge features on US television!
27 Feb : Botanic gardens to restore the wild
24 Feb : Are botanic gardens fit for purpose?
24 Feb : First Lady Michelle Obama brings Magnolia seedling to USDA
19 Feb : Medicinal plants threatened by changing climates
16 Feb : Charles Darwin in Xalapa: a R-evolution from Clavijero Botanic Garden
09 Feb : Rubber plantations threaten Xishuangbanna
04 Feb : New species found in south China rainforest
20 Jan : 小画家走进大自然——“以花交友”(Making Friends With Flowers)活动