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Education news

Welcome to the education news and archive.  We are always keen to hear from our members and find out about the latest developments in education, to put on the website or include in Cuttings (BGCI's newsletter).  So, if you've got a new programme to promote, have produced some new resources, have started a new project, received some funding or had a change of staff, let us know about it!  Send us your news


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Publication Year: 
15 Dec : Win 'Free' Design and Consultancy Services
27 Sep : Announcing BGCI’s 8th International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens
24 Sep : Huge potential for outreach via faith-based gardening projects
15 Jul : RBGE Certificate in Practical Horticulture - apply now
19 May : BGCI/Fairchild Challenge Global Option winner announced!
20 Apr : Change of dates for International Diploma Course in Botanic Garden Education
19 Apr : Top 5 finalists of our Fairchild Challenge BGCI Global Option
30 Mar : Viability study on Islamic Gardens in the UK underway
29 Mar : International Certificate in Botanic Garden Management in the Asia Pacific Region
08 Mar : Top 10 finalists of our Fairchild Challenge BGCI Global Option