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roots Education JournalWelcome to the online archive of Roots, the education review for botanic gardens.

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Publication Year: 
Oct 2008: Editorial: Taking a leaf out of Darwin’s book by Julia Willison
Oct 2008: Evolution holds the Key by Tracy Greenfield
Oct 2008: Le Design comme outil pédagogique by Didier Rousseau-Navarre
Oct 2008: A walk through time by Mara Sugni
Oct 2008: Darwin ‘down under’ by Janelle Hatherly & Sophie Daniel
Oct 2008: Darwin’s garden: an evolutionary adventure by George Shakespear
Oct 2008: The great plant hunt by Angela McFarlane
Oct 2008: Teaching children to tackle big questions by Sue Johnson
Oct 2008: Darwin the botanist by David Kohn
Apr 2008: Editorial: If you can’t stand the heat - get into the garden by Julia Willison
Apr 2008: Plants that travel the world by Christine Newton, Susan Allan and Mary Smith
Apr 2008: Sailing to save the world! by Rowena Ewens
Apr 2008: Climate change - a community centred approach by The Green Belt Movement (GBM)
Apr 2008: Here comes the sun: gardening with the weather by Alison Darby
Apr 2008: Educating by degrees: raising public awareness about climate change by Luiza Chomenko, José Fernando Vargas, Elisabete Monlleo M. da Silva
Apr 2008: Understanding climate change through citizen science by Jennifer Schwarz, Kayri Havens, Pati Vitt
Apr 2008: Hard choices: reinventing the modern world so that it is compatible with nature by Sarah Kneebone
Apr 2008: The heat is on for Africa - botanic gardens, education and climate change by Nopasika Malta Qwathekana and G. Midgley
Apr 2008: Climate change: the evidence is clear – now for the action by Barrie Pittock